Valentines Day Advice
Valentines Day Advice
by funymony on
2011 April 07 at 05:04:48

Valentines day, 2011. 

This animation was based off an old cartoon of mine from 8th grade that gave out terrible dating advice. Wear a bunny suit and steal your valentines pants? Hell yes! If a rabbit stole my pants they'd steal my heart as well. <3

I was trying to hold a writing group every monday at a coffee shop downtown and it went well for a few weeks but nobody would bring anything to read or discuss, so I decided to hold off the group until I finish college. In one of the meetings I attempted to get some ideas from everybody for some upcoming shorts. Since Valentines day was the nearest holiday we decided to try to come up with some material for a Valentines day short. I'm not sure who thought up of dating advice from a psycho killer but I'm pretty sure it was me since I was the only one making sick suggestions and laughing at them. (What the hell is wrong with me?) All in all everybody digged the theme.

Scott Piteck did the voice overs for Michael Davis the Serial Killer. I wasn't sure how this cartoon was going to turn out because on paper it seemed downright freaky. Panty soup? Dead cat and chocolates? Why was I laughing? Scott gave the script a whole different feel when he voiced the character like Mister Rogers. I think his voice over saved the cartoon.

Michael Davis is the "name" of an old guy who scammed me while I was working at a hotel. He was posing as a doctor from Australia who worked with children and Hyberbaric chambers for a company named "Oxygen Solutions". He mysteriously ended up as a patient at the University hospital and needed a place to stay because his hotel messed up his reservation. It was a convention day and all hotels nearby were sold out, so I went along with him to the point where he was able to use the promise of work and my sympathy to squeeze money out of my wallet. I learned that day that when you get old you may get slow, but you never get dumb. Needless to say, I don't trust old Australian doctors anymore.

What made this cartoon even better was the original music created by Tilman! I just recently met him and he made a short song for me and my girlfriend which I would love to share with you someday.

Tilman also helped with "Grow The Grass", providing us with some wonderful music! Speaking of which, me and my friend Mike finally submitted our game to the Apple app store! It is going through their review process and hopefully will be released sometime next week! Yaaaaay!

 P.s. Website is updated to the max with all my current cartoons! Let's move on with the show! It's time to make more cartoons, comics, and blogs with film advice! LETS GO!

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